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Welcome To Ameri-Type
Join Us In Becoming A Computer Internet Compiler!

Are you a stay-at-home parent, a college student, retired or disabled? Do you wish to earn an income from home?

Do you already work full- or part-time and would like to supplement your income?

If so, Ameri-Type is here to help you!  Not only are we here to help you earn extra income...or even a full-time income, but we want to help you achieve success and realize your dreams and goals. We're here to help you secure your future.

Here's how...

Get Informed!  We invite you to read through our company information.  We want you to be comfortable with your decision to work as a Computer Internet Compiler with Ameri-Type, so before you apply we ask that you make sure you understand the position and what you will be doing. 

Here's what we need from you;

  • All United States and International Applicants MAY apply
  • Must have a good email address to communicate with Ameri-Type support
  • Follow simple instructions
  • Have a burning desire to make money working from home


You get $12.50 for each and every name and address you compile and type! So read on and see how to start working from home with

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 Contact us if you feel like you need more information. Also, click on the "Information" link on the left and read more information about the program. When you are ready to sign up, follow with the "How To Apply" link.

Then, follow our application instructions and apply online or mail your application to us.

It's that simple! So don't hesitate ...get your application in today!

Ameri-Type is Looking Forward to Working With You!

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